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Writing a review

What constitutes a first-hand review?

We accept reviews based on real experiences with the services or/and establishment of the salon you have attended. Should we feel the content that has been written does not apply to this then it will be removed. Adding to this:

  • We do not want any rumours, second hand information or gossip (unsubstantiated information or quotes from other sources or the reported opinions/experience of other people).
  • No reviews written by owners, management or any other associate of the salon or the salon chain it belongs to; including past employees, or anyone associated with/related to employees of the salon in question. No reviews by partners/suppliers to the salon. People who are associated to a salon or salon chain may not review any salon of the same type within the same city or town, or within 5 miles of that salon.
  • Owners/Management/Employees or any other individual associated to a salon may not review competitors.

What is a review?

  • A review is a written account of your salon experience that you submit to our site with fellow salon users. We encourage all reviewers to be honest and constructive at all times and to make sure you adhere to our “rules of the review” section. If we feel the review has not been in line with the rules then we will remove it and contact you to advise you and to encourage you to submit your review again with some tips from us. Reviews do not expire and may occasionally be removed by the reviewer’s request.

How to write a review?

Writing a review is easy. If you’ve already registered on rateyoursalon, login to your account and search for the salon you’ve visited. Once on their page, click on the ‘Rate this Salon’ button or scroll down to see the review form. All you have to do is rate the salon out of four stars against four metrics:

  • Cleanliness.
  • Atmosphere.
  • Value for Money.
  • Customer Service.

This will calculate an overall rating for the salon. The fill in a subject – this is basically the title or headline of your review (eg. “Great service!”)

Then write your full review in the ‘Comments’ section. We encourage users to share as much information as they can about their experience. The more you share, the more useful your review will be for other users, and it helps the salons to improve their service and experience.

If you can’t find a salon you’ve visited, you can add them to our system with the details you know and submit an accompanying review as per the above. This will be submitted to rateyoursalon and our team will create the salon listing, with your review posted once moderated.

How often can I write a review?

  • You can write one review per salon visit.

If I continue to visit the same salon, can I write another review?

  • Yes, we understand that many clients will become or are salon regulars. By continuously reviewing the salon it will help them enhance their reputation even more.

How do I remove my review?

  • Removing your review is simple. Once you’ve logged in go to ‘My Dashboard’ and then ‘My Reviews’, you’ll see a list of the reviews you’ve submitted. In the right hand column for each review, you’ll see the word ‘Remove’. Simply click this and confirm that you’d like to delete the review.

Can I edit my review?

  • Once the review has been submitted, it cannot be edited. If you feel strongly that it should be changed, you can remove your review in your user dashboard and submit a new review on the relevant salon’s page.

When will my review be put on rateyoursalon?

  • This will take between 48 and 72 hours. Should we need further information before we post then you will be contacted, this will only happen if the reviews doesn’t fall within our rules.
  • If we feel we cannot post your review then we will notify you regarding the reason why.

If I review a salon, can the salon contact me about it?

  • All our reviewers’ details will remain anonymous. This will always remain the case unless the person who is writing a review decides to post their personal details. Try to also use a display name that the salon might not guess who it was.
  • Salon owners may not ask reviewers to remove or edit a review and any harassment will not be tolerated.

Rules of the review

People will be looking at your review to help them choose a new salon, so it’s important that all reviews must be:

  • Friendly – You have to remember when reviewing the salon that it is their livelihood and that they will see that your review is to make them improve if needed or continue the good work. We would like No: swear words, threats, profanity, racist or prejudiced comments, sexually or explicit language or any other content that is not appropriate for our members. We advise again, please be constructive with your review and not insulting.
  • Grammar - NO CAPITALS – Using EXCESSIVE CAPITALS can be seen as aggression, and therefore we require all reviews to be written in a proper grammar. Also we will delete reviews with slang or typographic symbols.
  • Real – Please review as honest and constructive as possible. And only review what you have experienced. In order to support all salons and rateyoursalon.com we need reviews to be 100% authentic and not based on rumours, gossip or opinion. General discussion of the salon that does not contain details of your experience will be deleted.
  • Make it yours – Remember, people will be reading your review in order to look for a new salon, so express yourself and make it your own. Make it original and please do not use quotes from other reviews or other information sources; such as websites, media or any other format.
  • Non-commercial – Please do not include on any promotional material of any kind in your review. We reserve the right to reject any URLs, email addresses or phone numbers for any reason.
  • Age requirement – No reviews from people under the age of 16 will be allowed.
  • No Advertisements – Please do not include URLs or HTML tags for any salon or business.
  • Email Address Validity – Please make sure the email address associated to your account is correct as we may need to contact you.
  • When will my review get posted? – It takes reviews 24 to 48 hours to post to the salons page. Should the review need more of a closer look/investigation for more information then it could take longer. If we cannot post your review then we will notify you by email the reasons why.
  • If I write a review about the salon, can the business contact me about it and will they know who the reviewer was? – It is against our privacy policy to share an email address with a salon owner/manager or any direct or indirect associate of the business. Reviewers stay anonymous unless they choose to publish their email address or contact number in the review.
  • Username - To protect your privacy, this need not be your name or initials. Please choose your username carefully.

Why can I not see my review?

  • It might be that your review fell outside our rules for posting:
    • Personal attacks or language that isn’t friendly.
    • Comments about other reviewers or reviews.
    • Reviews that were submitted to the wrong place.
    • Fraudulent review notification.
What if I submit a review about the wrong salon?
  • Once a review has been submitted, it can only be removed – it cannot be assigned to another salon. If you’ve reviewed the wrong salon, simply remove the review in your user dashboard, and submit a new review on the correct salon.

Salons owners responding to reviews

All freemium members do not have the access to respond to reviews. Please contact us to speak to the membership manager for more information on how to upgrade to a premium member.

If you’re a premium salon member then access will be permitted to respond to reviews. Please make sure the response is written in a professional manner, and that you’re seen in understanding the reviewer. As a salon owner you must understand that good feedback or bad feedback is beneficial to your success moving forward, and that the reviewer is only wanting you to be successful. In order to post your response please keep it to the following:

  • Professional Manner – Responding in a true professional manner can be seen to go a long way to a salons credibility. You have to remember that “potential new clients and rateyoursalon.com members” will be reading your responses. Please make sure they represent your brands reputation. We will not allow a response to be of a threatening nature, or intimidating in any way. Should this be the case then we will remove the review response. Please also ensure that no reply is accusing the reviewer of “review fraud”.
  • Friendly – Remember they are a customer of yours and dealing with the review in friendly manner will help towards getting them back to book.
  • Grammar - NO CAPITALS – Using EXCESSIVE CAPITALS can be seen as aggression, and therefore we require all reviews to be written in a proper grammar. Also we will delete responses with slang or typographic symbols.
  • Unique and Original – Please make sure the response has unique and original material. No quotes from other reviewers will be allowed or other means of source. I.e. Media, Social Media or anything that represents second tiered information. We only allow one reply per review.
  • Respectful to the Reviewer – A reviewer is an asset to your business, as good or bad reviewers they are helping you move your salon brand forward in order to be successful. Please do not try and guess their identity. Please do not include in the response any information that could disclose the reviewers name or lead to people uncovering their identity.
  • Non-commercial – Please do not include on any promotional material of any kind. We reserve the right to reject any URLs, email addresses or phone numbers for any reason. No advertisements to be used.

If your response is in complies with these guidelines then it will be published within several business days and you will get a notification by email.

As a salon owner, how do I report a review that is not in line with the guidelines?

We advise all our users to ensure they stick within our company’s guidelines at all times. If you believe the review is fraudulent or for a reason you feel it may be fraudulent, then please report it to us.

We will obviously remove the review if it has been proved to be fraudulent and we will then notify you. However, we will not remove a review if there is simply a disagreement about its contents.

If you feel a reviewer to be incorrect, if you are registered as a Premium salon owner you can reply to the review.

Can I ask clients to review my salon?

  • One word: YES. This will show the client that you value them and that you care about their feedback.

Please do not offer clients vouchers, incentives or any other item seem as gifts for reviews. We also would advise you to let the client submit their review at home, this way you will get a complete 100% review and this will help you and your business in the long term.

Blackmail of poor review?

  • We are here to ensure you enhance your business by using rateyoursalon and we will always want to protect the salon against anything of this nature. Please make sure all employees are advised that if they have been threatened with this to notify the management or the salon owner immediately.

Please note that we cannot guarantee that we will remove the review that gets reported. We look at each case thoroughly and review all evidence before making a decision. We will advise any salon, and having verbal or written proof will always help the cause.

Salons penalised for fraud

  • If you have been reported for fraudulent activity we will always share the reasons why, but due to privacy requirements we will not and cannot discuss specific details.

As a salon owner how can I respond to reviews?

  • Only premium members can responds to reviews. To upgrade to a premium membership and have an array of benefits, please email Memberships@rateyoursalon.com

Adding a salon

How do I request a salon to be added to rateyoursalon?

  • If you’re the owner of the salon, you can register for free – it takes a matter of minutes! Once registered you can then add your salon/s and choose between a Freemium or Premium membership.
  • If you would like to review a salon but can’t find it on our system, you can add it and review it in one simple step by clicking here.

The process of adding a salon can take up to 5 days. Adding a salon must meet our criteria and if we cannot add the salon, we will email and let you know.

Salon owners adding a salon and managing your Entry

How can I get my salon listed?

  • To become a Freemium member all you have to do is register – it’s simple, quick and free! Once registered you can add your salon as a Freemium listing, and once we’ve moderated it it will display on our system. Just click here to register!

How much does the entry cost to become a premium member?

  • We have two plans, with annual and monthly subscriptions available. Please contact us for a membership manager to speak with you about the options and benefits salon owners get for becoming a premium member. Email Memberships@rateyoursalon.com to arrange an appointment or to be contacted.

How can I manage my own salon listing on rateyoursalon?

  • If you’ve seen a review for your salon but haven’t registered with us, get in touch with us by emailing Memberships@rateyoursalon.com to claim your salon and have it assigned to your account. Please note that we will require you to verify ownership before assigning it to your account.

How do I add a photo to my salon's listing?

Adding a photo is easy. On your Dashboard, click on ‘My Salons’ and select the salon you’d like to add an image to. Under the section ‘Salon Imagery’ you can upload a new profile image, salon logo and banner image (if you’re a Premium member). You can also upload photos to your salon gallery by clicking on the ‘Photos’ tab.

Please note the following photo guidelines:

  • Salon profile image: preferred image size is 350px x 350px
  • Salon logo: preferred image size is 350px x 350px
  • Salon banner image: preferred image size is 1530px x 670px

My salon is in a small town but we are associated with a larger town or city. Can we change this location?

  • We are happy to review the details of properties located in small villages that are officially linked with a larger city so that they may appear in the listing for the main city or town, as well as their own village.
  • If you would like for us to review the listed location of your business on rateyoursalon, please contact us on Memberships@rateyoursalon.com

How do I remove my salon listing?

  • As we are a consumer review site we understand that some salons might want to remove their salon from being entered and displayed on rateyoursalon. If we determine that the specific location of the salon has been permanently closed then please let us know. If your salon has not permanently closed and has just changed name/brand then we will not delete the salon entry. We recommend that you use the salon listing as a great opportunity for the new salon and use the page as a powerful marketing tool for new clients.

New ownership/bought a salon with entry already – Can I start with a clean slate?

  • Congratulations and well done on becoming the owner, and we wish you all the best in your new journey. Yes you can start with a nice clean slate for your new salon. Contact us on Memberships@rateyoursalon.com and once we verify all the information given to us, we will then remove the listing. You’ll then be able to create a new salon listing from scratch. Alternatively, we can assign the listing to you and you can edit the salon’s details as much as you like, bearing in mind that reviews cannot be deleted


What constitutes fraud?

We want all visitors to rateyoursalon.com to have the expectation that the website will provide them with unbiased, honest and trustworthy reviews and content for salons. People who visit the salons wish to share their personal experiences with the rateyoursalon.com visitors.

Rateyoursalon.com Limited is committed to ensuring the integrity of the content it collects and provides it to the visitors to our website. Any attempts to mislead, influence or impersonate a salon client is considered fraudulent and is subject to penalties, this might include but not restricted to:

Attempts by an owner or representative of a salon to boost a reputation of a salon business by:

  • Writing a review for their own salon, or for any salon the reviewing party owns, manages, or has a financial interest in.
  • Utilising any optimisation company, marketing/PR company or any third party organisation.
  • Impersonating a competitor or a salon client.
  • Offering incentives in exchange for reviews, including discounts, upgrades to different services or any special treatment.
  • Asking friends or relatives to write positive reviews.
  • Submitting reviews on clients' behalf.
  • Copying client cards details and submitting them as positive reviews.
  • Selecting/soliciting reviews (by email, surveys or any other means) only from guests who had a positive visit.
  • Pressuring clients to remove a review.
  • Asking clients to remove a review for rewards such as discount or special privileges.
  • Prohibiting or discouraging salon clients from posting negative or critical or their salon visit.

Attempts to damage competitors by submitting a negative review

  • Salon owners and agents of salon owners should NOT, we repeat NOT write reviews of direct competitors.

Do rateyoursalon.com screen reviews?

  • Yes, we screen the reviews to ensure they are family friendly, posted to the correct salon and that they are in compliance with all our guidelines.

We do not fact-check reviews as it would be impossible for us to do so.

How do I report an unsuitable review?

If you believe a review is unsuitable or constitutes abuse, contact us on Memberships@rateyoursalon.com and we will review your concerns and take action accordingly)

What should I do if a salon owner asks me to remove my review?

  • rateyoursalon.com Limited does not tolerate any threats or bullying or reviewers and you should contact us if this ever happens. It is rare that s salon owner does threaten a reviewer, but if we are made aware of it, we will take action with the salon owner. By contacting the salon owner we will alert them that their salon will be monitored by rateyoursalon.com for suspicious activity, and that they must discontinue any attempts to subvert our system. They will also be made aware that we have a procedure for penalising for salons who make such attempts.

rateyoursalon.com Limited does not facilitate direct contact between salon owners and website members of rateyoursalon.com. All users on our site remain anonymous unless they decide to post their email address or contact information in the review.

How can rateyoursalon.com users alert rateyoursalon.com Limited to potential fraud?

  • To report any review that has potentially biased content please contact us on Memberships@rateyoursalon.com. Once the review has been has been reported, we will research the complaint within 48-72 hours, and apply any necessary penalties. Please include in your report any information that you think will help us understand the situation. We always appreciate the help that our users give us.

What will happen to a salon that is found to have fraudulent reviews?

If we determine that there are fraudulent reviews submitted for salons, there are several possible consequences:

  • A salon listing may be disabled for a period of time or removed completely from the site.
  • They will not be considered for the rateyoursalon.com awards or used for our press releases.

rateyoursalon.com Limited reserves the right to remove a review or management response at any time for any reason. The reviews posted on rateyoursalon.com are individual and extremely subjective opinions. The opinions expressed in reviews are those of rateyoursalon.com site users and not of rateyoursalon.com Limited. We do not endorse any of the opinions expressed by reviewers or in management responses. We are not affiliated with any establishment listed or reviewed on this web site.

In accordance with our privacy policy, rateyoursalon.com Limited does not release anyone's personal contact information.